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New Alliances || Catherine & Veronique

Catherine made her way down one of the very prestigious First Class corridors, down to where her new Lady’s room was. She hadn’t really met the one and only Veronique de Marquis yet, but that was what this visit was for, she supposed. Catherine hadn’t ever been a maid before, as she’d only just hopped off the ferry from Dublin last week. She’d had a little bit of training in the last few days from an old maid in some rooms by the harbor in Southampton, but other than that, she had no other experience. But there was a first time for everything, right?

When Catherine reached the door to the suite, she knocked softly on it three times before tucking her hands behind her and waiting for someone to come to the door. She crossed her fingers for luck, hoping she and her Lady would get along nicely, and that she wouldn’t disappoint.

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    Catherine laughed softly at herself for having been put off by the idea of a six year old heir. “Oh, I see.” she said,...
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    Looking at her cynical look, Veronique smiled “Don’t worry, he won’t inherit until he is 21. I am legally the crown now,...